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5 Year Old Laughs When She's in Trouble.

K.R. asks from Fresno

Hi moms! I was hoping to get a little bit of help. My 5 year old daughter is very sweet, affectionate and generous. Lately, however, she tends to smile and laugh when...


Very Unfocused 5 Year Old Boy in Kinder. HELP!!!!!!

L.B. asks from San Diego

I getting letters home saying that my son is not focused and he won't do his work ect. He is very bright, he just likes to play people. If he can get away with not ...


Unrulely 5 Year Old

K.W. asks from Oklahoma City

My 5 year old has become a little monster. If you tell her to do something she will look right at you then walk away. The taskes are not hard simple things like tak...


5 Year Old Girl with a Serious Attitude!!

B.T. asks from Scranton

So since my 5 year old started kindergarten, she has developed a serious attitude! She is always testing the limits and acts up very frequently- when we ask her if s...


ADHD Testing

D.D. asks from Phoenix

What or how do you have your child tested for ADHD? What is difference from ADHD and ADD? What are your points of view for treatments? Are meds really necassary? Any ...


What Are Your Thoughts About the New California State Testing in Schools?

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

What are your thoughts about this testing--California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)? I have a 3rd grader and I feel very mixed about this te...


5 Year Old Lies All the Time!

T.W. asks from College Station

In the last few weeks my five year old daughter has started lying. It is driving my husband and I bonkers! We did not have this problem with our son who is now nine. ...


Defiant and Disrespectful 5 Year Old!

R.T. asks from Washington DC

My son who just turned 5 a few weeks ago has really been testing the limits lately. He is in Pre-K and over the last few weeks has gotten himself into trouble by tal...


Almost 5 Year Old Getting an Attitude

L.V. asks from Dallas

Howdy, Mamas! My girl will be 5 in July, and the past few months, she has developed a serious attitude! She is talking back, arguing all the time, and using a very...


5 Year Old Melts down After Big Events

J.G. asks from Hartford

My daughter has done this three times now, where for a day or two after a big event where she is sort of in the spotlight (her birthday party, Christmas day come to m...