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Grounding for a 6 Year Old

D.E. asks from Cincinnati

Won't get in to all the details as it would take forever. So long story short, our 6 year old had definitely given us a run for our money. Very smart, but very stubbo...


Testing the Sass

S.P. asks from Philadelphia

My 11 yr old son is starting to test how sassy and disrespestfulnes by his words. I have been consistant with putting soap in his mouth when he does this I say that ...


6 Year Old with Attitude or Independence?

D.A. asks from Utica

My 6 year old daughter has really been "expressing" herself this summer. She has such an attitude, she does not listen and is picking on her brother which is somethi...


5 Year Old Attitude and Tantrums

S.P. asks from Omaha

I have a 5 year old daughter that is starting to really mouth off and talk back to my husband and I when she doesn't get her way. She has also started throwing temper...


3Yr Old Testing Limits HELP!!

B.L. asks from Dallas

OK DS is just over 3yrs old. He has been telling me no & trying to hit me, screaming. Just being a 3yr old. I want to be able to get control over this soon. I know th...


Need Input on 5 Year Old's Behavior

J.L. asks from Houston

Our 5 year old son is very strong willed and I can appreciate that but he seems to be more defiant the older he gets. He will scream "NO" or whatever else at myself o...


My 5 Year Old Has a Speech Deficit

L.N. asks from Nashville

Help! Our son's doctor has recommened speech therapy for our 5 year old son who has some speech deficits. Much to our frustration the metro school distric acknowledg...


5 Year Old Eating Habits

M.B. asks from Tucson

How do you handle it when your child refuses to eat the dinner fixed for the evening? He picks at his food for 15-20 minutes then says he's full, then 10 minutes lat...


Very Picky 5 Year Old That Won't Eat

J.T. asks from Anchorage

My daughter that's 5 will only eat a handful of things and when i try to feed her she won't even let it come to her lips. If I tell her that every meat is chicken she...


6 Year Old Attitude

S.B. asks from Chicago

Hi , my 6 year old daughter scares me with her behavior,, She is so good ,outstanding at school and at friends places. But she is so stubborn with us . every day figh...