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T.L. asks from St. Louis

What is inbetween a slow flow and rapid flow nipple?


"Flat" Nipple

L.F. asks from Boston

Hey all, I have a question for my friend - I didn't have this problem with my daughter so I can only speculate - any tips or advice I could pass on would be greatly...


Nipple Confusion

T.L. asks from St. Louis

My baby received 3 bottles while I was at work today and he will get three more tomorrow. :( So when I tried to nurse him tonight he sucks for about 30 seconds and ...


Bottle Nipples Affected by Cascade Dish Soap

S.I. asks from Chicago

Has anyone else ever experienced washing their Born Free (or any other BPA free bottle) nipple in the dishwasher, as directed only to find that the dish washing soap ...


Issues with Different Bottle Nipples

D.C. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone, I'm hoping I'm not the only mom with this issue... my 6 week old son is formula fed. We have tried Playtex Drop-Ins, Dr. Brown's bottles (standard siz...


Bottle Nipple Collapse & Lip Blister

L.W. asks from San Diego

Yesterday, I changed bottles from Dr. Brown's Natural Flow to Medela's Slow Flow for my 5-1/2-week old baby boy. This morning I noticed that when he pulls off the bo...


Baby Hates Feeding Bottle Nipple

Y.T. asks from Chicago

I am breastfeeding my 7 -week old baby girl. She is now used to feed only from my nipple. She won't drink milk if it's on a feeding bottle. I think she knows that it'...


Reusing Bottle Nipples

L.D. asks from Las Vegas

i will be having our second baby this summer and was wondering if it is ok to reuse the nipples from my son's bottles (of course after they have been sterilized...).....


Slowest Flow Bottle Nipples

J.K. asks from New York

Hi mamas, My 10 week old baby girl is having trouble with drinking from a bottle. She is breastfed and has only drunk from a bottle a few times, but when she does...


8 Month Old Biting Baby Bottle Nipples

C.C. asks from Lewiston

Hi i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to do with a 8 month old biting thru his bottle nipples. He only has 2 bottom teeth (razor sharp) and i am noticing...