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Nipple Shields

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hello! I am a new mom of a 2 week old beautiful boy. Breastfeeding has been challenging so far, but I am determined to stick with it! He was having trouble with latch...


Inward Nipples

S.F. asks from New York

Inward nipples I’m a mom of one year and 4 months girl, when she was born, I was having hard time in breast feeding, because my areola area is wide and nipples are...


Nipple Tenderness

A.G. asks from Houston

Just wondering what all the mothers on here used to alleviate the pain of breastfeeding.with my first daughter i gave up and pumped for 3 months, hated feeding my bab...


Nipple Shields

E.D. asks from Washington DC

I have a 11 day old new born and he is having trouble latching on. Is there a problem nursing with a nipple shield for a prolonged period of time? If I remove the s...


Cracked Nipples

M.S. asks from San Luis Obispo

How can you quickly heal cracked nipples? I have a two week old who is a biter and has a tiny mouth. I have tried pumping, lactation consultants, soothies, etc. Wh...


Cracked Nipples!

T.R. asks from Sherman

My baby is 3 months old and I've been nursing her with no problems until now. My nipples are very sore and cracked at the top and I was wondering if there is anythin...


SORE Nipples

K.K. asks from Appleton

Hi moms! need some help or encouragement... my son is now almost 3 weeks. I have been nursing exclusively since his birth. My left nipple is inverted and my right ...


Bitten Nipple

C.H. asks from Portland

My four month old bit my nipple so hard yesterday morning that he broke the skin! It hurts so bad I haven't been able to nurse him on that side very much since. I'v...


Bottle Nipple Size

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

When do you switch to a bigger nipple?? My son is 4 months old and is on size 1 When do you start adding cereal to a formula feed baby?


Bottle Nipples

C.J. asks from Charlotte

Hi everyone. I was just wondering when I should my baby on stage 2 nipples. She is only bottle fed at this point and does a really great job with it. She's currently ...