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Seeking Advice on Bottle Nipples

N.H. asks from Washington DC

I have a 4 month old breastfed baby boy. He is fed by bottle during the day at daycare. All of his bottles currently have stage 1 nipples (Born Free). Is it really ne...


When to Change Nipple Size on Bottle

M.H. asks from Austin

When do I change the nipple size on a bottle. I'm using Dr. Brown bottles for feeding. We're on 1 and my little girl is eating 4oz's every 3-4 hours. Is there a rul...


Best / Most Natural Bottle Nipple

R.G. asks from Los Angeles

I'm tryn to find the nearst to the real nipple there is for my baby. She is not a huge fan of the bottle but sometimes I need to take a shower without havn to wait fo...


Washing Bottle Nipples...

K.S. asks from Detroit

Okay-This is probably just a ridiculous question BUT how come you cannot put baby bottle nipples on the bottom of the dishwasher? Here's a look as to how much free t...


Bottle Nipples for Rice Cereal

K.K. asks from New York

My son is three months old. The other day we took him to the acid reflux doctor and he was diagnosed with a mild case of acid reflux. The doctor told us to start him ...


Ventaire Nipples

D.J. asks from Minneapolis

My 8 month old son is in daycare, and his provider said we should buy Stage 3 nipples now. However, Playtex Ventaire bottles seem to only have Stage 1 and Stage 2 ni...


When to Switch Bottle Nipples

A.T. asks from Detroit

Hi I am a first time mother of a 3 month old. I am wondering about the bottle nipples. Do the nipples have to be changed for new ones? I check to make sure the nip...


Cracked Nipples

A.D. asks from Washington DC

Hello Moms Sooooo, i asked the question of how to get my milk back earlier... now, i got an electric breast pump and instantly started pumping... The first few minut...


Playtex Nipples

D.F. asks from Chicago

I would love some input from other moms who use the playtex nipples for the "drop-ins" bottles. When did you switch to the fast flow nipples as opposed to the slow flow?


Nipple Shield

S.D. asks from Portland

Does anyone have experience with weaning off the new born (10 days old) from nipple shield/guard? I would appreciate any input you may have.