Nipples: Toddler, The First Years

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Breastfed Babies and Bottle Nipples

A.P. asks from Pocatello

To breastfeeding mothers who have also used a bottle ... Wondering what brand of bottle nipples you have tried and why you chose the brand you did? Thanks!


Bottle Nipple Question

P.K. asks from Kansas City

Ok, my daughter is breast fed and bottle fed with pumped breast milk and the occasional formula feeding. BUT, my question is this: When she eats with a bottle a lot...


Nipple Confusion

E.D. asks from San Francisco

My child was in the NICU for her first 5 days of her life. So, she was given bottled formula and pacifiers. I am pumping and she only drinks my breast milk, but she...


Best / Most Natural Bottle Nipple

R.G. asks from Los Angeles

I'm tryn to find the nearst to the real nipple there is for my baby. She is not a huge fan of the bottle but sometimes I need to take a shower without havn to wait fo...


Stage 3 Bottle to Replace First Years' Breastflow?

E.A. asks from Atlanta

We've been using the First Years' Breastflow nipples and bottles and have just realized that we need to head into stage 3 (right?). When we've tried other bottles in...


The Best Nipples or Bottles for My 1 Month Old

K.P. asks from Clarksville

i have been exclusively breastfeeding, but started pumping a couple days ago. my daughter was fussy tonight and she fed until i believe there wasn't anything left so ...


What Nipples Are Closest to Breastfeeding.

T.M. asks from Tucson

My baby is due in Aug. and I'm doing a little planning. I want to nurse, but I'll have to pump while I'm at work. I want to avoid the mess I faced with my daughter. I...


Best Bottle with a Shorter (Breast-like) Nipple?

S.R. asks from Dallas

We are due with our second baby girl in June 2010, and can't wait to meet her! :) I breastfed our first child, Emma Kate, mostly exclusively, but she had to have bott...


Cracked/bleeding Nipples. Help!!

J.F. asks from Rochester

Hi ladies, I've never been successful at breastfeeding, so have always bottle fed my children. This time around though, I'm bound and determined to make it work. (...


Dr. Brown's Bottles - When to Change Nipple Size

S.H. asks from New York

I have been feeding my son with the Dr. Brown's Bottles. The set came with 4 different size nipples. How do I know when to change from size 1 to 2, etc? The only one...