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Bottle Nipple Stopping Up

K.M. asks from Columbia

My daughter is 3 months and after going through several formulas, we've found one that works well with her, the Similac sensitive RS, which is much thicker than regul...


Medium Flow Nipple?

J.H. asks from Columbus

My son was born 2 months premature (31 wks). We have been using the Similac slow flow nipples that fit on to the ready to feed bottles since that is what the NICU use...


Switching from Ready Feed Similac Bottles to What?

A.D. asks from Seattle

My son has been using the ready to feed Similac bottles since he was born, he is now almost a month old. I tried the Playtex drop-in and the vent aire bottles in the ...


Similac RS RTF Vs. Powder

R.T. asks from Orlando

My 5 month old son has been on Similac Sensitive RS which up until a couple of weeks ago only came in the Ready to Feed form. They just released their powder version...


Replacing Bottles and Nipples

A.S. asks from Davenport

Has anyone heard about how often you are suppose to change bottles and nipples? Also, does anyone have any input on whether or not you should go up a size on the nipp...


Any Moms Concerned with Sweetener in Similac Organic Formula?

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

My three month old son is breast and formula fed. I've been using Similac Organic liquid formula to supplement. I eat mostly organic foods and was happy to find an or...


Similac Alimentum Vs. Enfamil Nutramigen

N.S. asks from Dayton

Hi moms! I'm back again. My sweet boy is 12 weeks old and while this is NOT what I want to do, I'm beginning to feel its in my babe's best chance at happiness:-) I've...


Bottle Feeding

S.T. asks from Dallas

My son is three month old,he is breast feeding at this time. we try to give him bottle of similac or enfamil he won't take it.we try to breast pump and feed him in th...


Won't Take a Bottle

K.W. asks from Evansville

My daughter is now 3 months old and I'm having trouble getting her to take a bottle of expressed breastmilk from me or anyone else for that matter. I've tried diffe...