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Nutramigen Formula

R.S. asks from Dallas

Was just wondering if anyone had ever had their children on Nutramigen, and, if so, how long they had them on that particular one? Will I have to use it for all 12 mo...


How Do I Get My Daughter to Drink Nutramigen?

K.A. asks from Charlotte

Hi all, My daughter has many food intolerances and I have been given Enfamil Nutramigen by the doctor for her to drink. The issue is, she will not drink it because ...


Similac Alimentum Vs. Enfamil Nutramigen

N.S. asks from Dayton

Hi moms! I'm back again. My sweet boy is 12 weeks old and while this is NOT what I want to do, I'm beginning to feel its in my babe's best chance at happiness:-) I've...


Has Anyone Tried Enfamil Nutramigen Formula?

R.C. asks from Houston

We have been having problems with my 7 month old son throwing up real bad and I took him to the doctor on Friday and they determined that he was still having issues w...


When to Switch from Slow-flow to Fast Flow Nipples and What About Cereal?

K.E. asks from Reading

I feel pretty dumb asking this question, seems like I should just know. When do I switch my 4 month old from the slow flow nipples to fast flow? I am somewhat reluc...


4 Wk Old Baby Eats and Spits It ALL Up! Nipple Suggestions?

C.A. asks from Atlanta

I am a new mom and up until a few days ago had the world's perfect baby. When she was born I was unable to get her to latch on to my breast and after trying for two ...


How to Ween from a Bottle

E.S. asks from Cleveland

My daughter is almost 18months old and she still wants her "baba". Now I am due any day with our second child so I don't want to take her bottle away just quite yet w...


11 Month Old Fights Bottle

L.E. asks from Nashville

My 11 month old desperately fights me to take her bottle. She has always seemed to hate her bottle, and we have tried every formula and are now using nutramigen. Sh...


Will He Ever Take a Bottle?

R.S. asks from Provo

My son is almost seven months old and I have been nursing exclusively, occasionally pumping and trying to give it to him in a bottle. He hasn't done very well with i...


Switched Bottle, Baby Eating Less

J.S. asks from Springfield

Ok. So my 8 week old son is on Nutrimagen for dairy sensitivity and Prilosec for silent reflux. He is a big boy (was almost 10lbs at birth) and has been on the bottl...