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Bottle Nipples That Don't Leak??

C.K. asks from New York

Are there any bottles that don't leak? I am using the Playtex system with the disposable inserts, and have been really happy with it, but since we switched to the 6 m...


Bottle Nipple Stopping Up

K.M. asks from Columbia

My daughter is 3 months and after going through several formulas, we've found one that works well with her, the Similac sensitive RS, which is much thicker than regul...


Bottle Nipples Affected by Cascade Dish Soap

S.I. asks from Chicago

Has anyone else ever experienced washing their Born Free (or any other BPA free bottle) nipple in the dishwasher, as directed only to find that the dish washing soap ...


Issues with Different Bottle Nipples

D.C. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone, I'm hoping I'm not the only mom with this issue... my 6 week old son is formula fed. We have tried Playtex Drop-Ins, Dr. Brown's bottles (standard siz...


8 Month Old Biting Baby Bottle Nipples

C.C. asks from Lewiston

Hi i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to do with a 8 month old biting thru his bottle nipples. He only has 2 bottom teeth (razor sharp) and i am noticing...


Best Bottle with a Shorter (Breast-like) Nipple?

S.R. asks from Dallas

We are due with our second baby girl in June 2010, and can't wait to meet her! :) I breastfed our first child, Emma Kate, mostly exclusively, but she had to have bott...



L.L. asks from Fort Myers

need help getting two year old to stop screaming crying and carrying on for the bottle- he has been refusing the cup even while thirsty and to the point of almost deh...


The Bottle

M.F. asks from Kansas City

i have every intention of having my 9 m/o off of her bottle at one year, as i have done with the other 2. apparently i made the mistake of mentioning this in front of...


Best Nipples for Baby Refusing Bottle

L.G. asks from Chicago

Hello - I know that every baby is different, but just looking for suggestions in bottles/nipples that some of you may have used and had success with breastfed infants...


Bottle Feeding

N.B. asks from Kansas City

I am having a very hard time getting my son to take a bottle. I am a stay at home mom so he always has the breast available! He is 11 weeks old and I am trying to g...