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4 Month Old Won't Take a Bottle- Help!!

H.S. asks from Greensboro

My 4-month old has been almost exclusively breastfed since birth. Up until she was about a month old, we started giving bottles (of breastmilk and an occasional few ...


Need Help Getting 3 1/2 Year Old Son to Give up Bottle

S.L. asks from Washington DC

My son is almost 3 1/2 years old and will be starting preschool this fall. He drinks whole milk from the bottle once in the morning, once in the afternoon before his...


Question About Powder Formula

J.W. asks from Cincinnati

Hi, I started my son on Similac powder formula when he was born. His stomach didn't seem to agree with it too well and switched him to the Ready to feed which worked ...


Reflux Medication

S.M. asks from Norfolk

Hi, I posted on here a couple months ago about my son having reflux. Well, I have a few questions. He has been seen by a gi specialist who has him taking prilosec and...


Newborn with Horrible Gas

M.W. asks from Atlanta

My 4 week old is having horrible gas pretty much all the time but it seems like it gets worse in the afternoon & evening. She will wake up in the middle of a nap cry...


What Type of Formula Is Best?

J.K. asks from Seattle

I am back to work and pumping three times a day. I had quite a stash of frozen breastmilk prior to returning to work, but my four and a half month old is a super eat...



S.F. asks from Honolulu

Do any of you have a problem with a Colicy baby.


Breastmilk Producing Gas

M.K. asks from Lansing

My son and I are having problems with gas. First, let me give a little background about our situation: My son was born tongue-tied, which wasn't a big deal except...


Formula or Breastfeeding

E.M. asks from Pittsburgh

I am a mother of a 11 year old girl i did not breastfeed her i did not have the time i was 18 and single. I am 14 weeks pregnant and i am thinking about doing it now ...