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Breastfed Babies and Bottle Nipples

A.P. asks from Pocatello

To breastfeeding mothers who have also used a bottle ... Wondering what brand of bottle nipples you have tried and why you chose the brand you did? Thanks!


Bottle Nipples Affected by Cascade Dish Soap

S.I. asks from Chicago

Has anyone else ever experienced washing their Born Free (or any other BPA free bottle) nipple in the dishwasher, as directed only to find that the dish washing soap ...



L.L. asks from Fort Myers

need help getting two year old to stop screaming crying and carrying on for the bottle- he has been refusing the cup even while thirsty and to the point of almost deh...


When Do You Stop the Bottle?

C.T. asks from St. Cloud

My son will be 1 in a month and I am wondering when do you stop using the bottle? The good thing is he never had liked a pacifer so we do not have to worry about that...


Bottle Feeding

K.B. asks from St. Louis

My 4 month old child does not want to take bottles. I have tried pretty much all kinds of bottles, but he does not like any of them. It does not matter whether I tr...


Bottle Feeding

J.J. asks from St. Cloud

I just posted a question in regards to my two children that are 11 months apart but I have another question. I have a daughter that turned 1 on Feb 26th. She just w...


Stopping the Bottle

D.M. asks from Hattiesburg

My son is 12 1/2 months old. He is in daycare full time. For him to move up to the 1 year old class, he has to be off of the bottle completely. We have replace one...


How to Get Tint Stain Out of Nipples

M.K. asks from Sioux Falls

I was in a hurry the other night and forget to rinse a serving spoon that had tomato paste on it before I ran the dishwasher. My bottle nipples that were in the lil ...


Looking for a Good, Durable Bottle Brush - Any Advice?

J.B. asks from San Francisco

I have been using the Munckin bottle brush, but the sponge on the top rips off in just a few uses! :( I then bought the Munchkin Deluxe bottle brush which doesn't ha...


Help with Transition from Bottle

S.B. asks from Nashville

I am in dire need of help with the complete transition from a bottle to a sippy cup. My daughter will be a year old next month and refusing to drink anything except w...