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Medela Regular Nipples

J.R. asks from Grand Rapids

Help! We have all of our Medela bottles ready to go for our daughter, but I threw out the nipples because I wanted to buy new ones. Well now all I can find are WIDE...


Medela Bottles

K.K. asks from New York

Does anyone know if Medela makes bottles larger than 5 ozs? My six month old has been sleeping through the night for months now and I pump before I go to bed and sti...


Bottle Nipples for Breastfed Baby

M.M. asks from Minneapolis

We are trying to find a bottle nipple that our daughter will take that doesn't take so long for her to eat. I returned to work today and it took her 2 hours and she ...


Bottle Nipples That Don't Leak??

C.K. asks from New York

Are there any bottles that don't leak? I am using the Playtex system with the disposable inserts, and have been really happy with it, but since we switched to the 6 m...


Cracked Nipples

A.D. asks from Washington DC

Hello Moms Sooooo, i asked the question of how to get my milk back earlier... now, i got an electric breast pump and instantly started pumping... The first few minut...


Nipple Shields

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hello! I am a new mom of a 2 week old beautiful boy. Breastfeeding has been challenging so far, but I am determined to stick with it! He was having trouble with latch...


Inward Nipples

S.F. asks from New York

Inward nipples I’m a mom of one year and 4 months girl, when she was born, I was having hard time in breast feeding, because my areola area is wide and nipples are...


Cracked Nipples

M.S. asks from San Luis Obispo

How can you quickly heal cracked nipples? I have a two week old who is a biter and has a tiny mouth. I have tried pumping, lactation consultants, soothies, etc. Wh...


Cracked Nipples!

T.R. asks from Sherman

My baby is 3 months old and I've been nursing her with no problems until now. My nipples are very sore and cracked at the top and I was wondering if there is anythin...