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What Nipples Are Closest to Breastfeeding.

T.M. asks from Tucson

My baby is due in Aug. and I'm doing a little planning. I want to nurse, but I'll have to pump while I'm at work. I want to avoid the mess I faced with my daughter. I...


Itchy Nipple - HELP PLEASE!!!!

S.H. asks from Toledo

Hello Ladies, This is most definelty one of the most embarassing questions I have ever asked about. Here's a little about my "itchy situation"..... Since late Fr...


Cracked/bleeding Nipples. Help!!

J.F. asks from Rochester

Hi ladies, I've never been successful at breastfeeding, so have always bottle fed my children. This time around though, I'm bound and determined to make it work. (...



L.L. asks from Fort Myers

need help getting two year old to stop screaming crying and carrying on for the bottle- he has been refusing the cup even while thirsty and to the point of almost deh...


Help, I Have the Sorest Nipples Ever!

J.H. asks from Sacramento

Does anyone have any "secret remedies" for sore nipples? We had some trouble when I first started breastfeeding, but after we got started all went well. In the begi...


Having Trouble with Playtex Ventaire Bottles - the Nipples Are Not Holding Up

L.R. asks from St. Louis

We have the playtex ventaire bottles which I like, but the nipples on them don't seem to last very long before the opening is too big. Someone told me that they thou...


Nipple Cracking

A.L. asks from Boston

My daughter just hit an 8 week growth spurt, and one of my nipples is cracked on the unerside. I nursed my other 3 children for 10 months each, but never had this hap...


Nipples for Enfamil Ready to Use Bottles

A.D. asks from Elmira

I recently purchased a pack of Enfamil Ready to Use 6oz bottles to keep in our diaper bag. Unfortunately, the nipples from our Born Free bottles do not fit the ready...


Nipple for Cereal Feeding- No More Responses Please

J.C. asks from Detroit

My 6 week old baby has severe acid reflux. We are currently taking zantac to relieve it, but we are still experiencing spitting up and some choking episodes. We have ...


Bottle Problems

M.J. asks from Minneapolis

My 3 month old will not take a bottle. I have tried Playtex, Born Free, The First Years, and Nuk bottles. I will heat up my breast milk and put it in the bottle. She ...