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Cracked Nipples

A.D. asks from Washington DC

Hello Moms Sooooo, i asked the question of how to get my milk back earlier... now, i got an electric breast pump and instantly started pumping... The first few minut...


Raw Nipples

C.H. asks from Visalia

I am a new to the breastfeeding thing. Everything has been going okay for the last 4 weeks, i know we have a bad latch but we are working on it. Now my nipples have ...


Healing Cracked Nipples

M.S. asks from San Luis Obispo

I was wondering how long it took all of the poor moms who were unfortunate enough to get severely cracked nipples to heal? I have been cracked for about 4 weeks now,...


Extremely SORE Nipples Due to Pumping...

D.S. asks from San Francisco

Has any other mother experience really sore nipples while pumping only??? I use to specifically breast feed my son, however due to latch on issues and being extremely...


Urgent Help with Sore Nipples After Only 15 Days of Breastfeeding

L.L. asks from Los Angeles

I had my baby 15 days ago; I needed to have a C-section 48 hours after my water broke. My baby boy breastfed 30 minutes after being born while I was still in recovery...


Best Bottle for Breastfeeding Baby?

H.M. asks from Grand Rapids

I am currently pregnant (due in just 8 weeks). I am planning on breastfeeding and pumping. I have been researching bottles for breastfeeding babies and am overwhelmed...


Advice on Bottle Types

C.S. asks from Kalamazoo

My son is due in June and I am planning on exclusively breastfeeding him, however I do want to pump and have him take a bottle as well so I don't have to worry about ...


Baby Refuses the Bottle

M.D. asks from Denver

I have a 3 month old daughter who I have been solely breastfeeding. I will be returning to work full time in about 6 weeks and my daughter refuses to take the bottle...


Questions About Bottle Feeding

M.H. asks from Dallas

I am having a baby in a couple of weeks and I am planning on breastfeeding, but I will eventually have to go back to work and my day care provider will need to bottle...


Looking for More Info on the DPA Baby Bottle Recall

B.L. asks from Chicago

Has anyone heard about the baby bottle recall? My father called and said that he had just seen the end of a segment on the news about baby bottles being recalled bec...