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Sleeping in the Night

Y.C. asks from New York

I'm a new mom of an almost 4 week old little boy. we've been trying to train him to learn the difference between day and night since he happens to stay up between 3-5...


Sleeping Thru the Night??

S.F. asks from Dallas

Am I expecting too much? Our daughter is 6 1/2 weeks old, and we are feeding her every 4 hours. She takes about 4-5 ounces at every feeding. She usually naps a little...


4 Mo Wont Sleep Alone at Night HELP!

L.P. asks from El Paso

My 4 mo son wont sleep alone at night. We place is playpen right next to the bed at night. He'll be fast asleep in my arms or on the couch but as soon as his back tou...


Newborn + Breastfeeding + Middle of the Night Cosleeping = Po'd Husband - HELP

S.G. asks from Chicago

We have a two week old - yay! He's nursing great, however he's had his days and nights mixed up. We have been successful at keeping his up more and more during the ...


Sleep Deprived New Mom Needs Help on How to Get a 6Wk Old to Sleep at Night.

L.L. asks from Washington DC

Hi, My daughter is 6wks old and is not sleeping well at night. She was sleeping for one 5 hour period each night when she was a few weeks old, but now she is waki...


Need Advice Om Getting My 3 Month Old to Sleep Through the Night- Unswaddled!

C.M. asks from Houston

I have a wonderful 3 1/2 month old little boy. He has slept in his crib since birth and we would swaddle him every night. He would wake up for the typical feedings (f...


Swaddle Blankets

H.R. asks from Abilene

I've been using a Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe (made of cotton knit) on my daughter (now 4 months old) for the past few months. I love it except that now she's strong enoug...


Advice on Breaking Baby of Dependence on Swaddling

A.D. asks from Raleigh

Hello, Helpful Moms. I have a wonderful 3-month old son who overall is a very good sleeper. My challenge is that he sleeps well only when tightly swaddled, but now ...


Alternative to Swaddling in Warm Weather

S.L. asks from San Francisco

My 6 week-old sleeps well when swaddled (in blanket or Swaddleme wrap). The weather is getting warmer and we don't always turn on the air conditioning unless it gets ...



A. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! I've been swaddling my 15 week old daughter at night and she sleeps BEAUTIFULLY. However, she is getting very big and no longer fits in the SwaddleMe wra...