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Night Terrors

N. asks from Dallas

My nearly 3 year old son has had 2 weeks of night terrors. He wakes up as many as 10 times per night, causing him to be cranky during the day..and to be honest, I'm ...


Gagging at Night

N.G. asks from Chicago

My 7 year old son has a cold. He coughs at night until he gags himself and then throws up. This happens multiple times at night. I've taken him to the doctor (this...


Toddler Night Terrors

A.H. asks from Greensboro

Has anyone had a toddler who had night terrors? These are different than nightmares, the child wakes up about an hour or so into sleep and basically is inconsolable f...


Night Terrors with a 15 Month Old?

N.W. asks from Washington DC

My son is 15 months old and I swear having night terrors already. My older boys had them but i didn't think they started until they were 2. Has anyone gone through ...


2 Year Old with Possible Asthma?

D.A. asks from Chicago

My 2 year old has been having coughing episodes- These seem to be triggered by breathing in cold air (a trip to the park in 50 degree weather). Her doctor noted she ...


Medical Care for a Coughing Toddler

E.C. asks from Dallas

I have a toddler (20 months old) that has been stuffed up for a few days. Now she has developed a cough because of the drainage. She doesn't seem to be infected becau...


My Healthy 2 yr.old Had an Unexplained Seizure

K.J. asks from Greensboro

Last night I heard my 2 1/2 yr.old making a snoring/gurgling noise about 1 hr after his bedtime. When I checked on him, he was on his back, staring wide-eyed, droolin...


Fl Disablity for a Child with Asthma How Does It Work and Should I Apply?

B.J. asks from Miami

ok my daughter is 6 years old, since she was born shes been in and out of the hospital with breathing problems (shes asthmatic) she was just officially diagnosed with...


Need Advice on Ears, Allergies and Teething

E.S. asks from Houston

My now 1 year old daughter has been battling allergies since she was 6 weeks old. We have tried Zyrtec and now Singulair and nothing has improved. She has had 8 ear...


4 Year Old Daughter TERRIFED of the Dark

L.A. asks from Dallas

Hmm...where do I start? I'll try to keep this simple. I think my biggest problem is that for about 3 months (guessing here) my 4 year old daughter has been scared of ...