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Diapers - Pampers vs Generic for Boys

E.B. asks from Chicago

We are expecting our 2nd (a boy) in January. We used Pampers exclusively for our daughter and they worked great. Since she has been out of diapers, they have changed ...


Pull Up's at Night

H.S. asks from Cincinnati

My just turned 5 year old daughter has been daytime potty trained for 2 years, and yet, I've put on a pull up at night to save the trouble of changing sheets every ni...


Night Diapers

S.A. asks from Chicago

I am looking for suggestions on night diapers. My son is 5 months old and occasionally sleeps through the night. When this happens, he usually soaks through his dia...


Seeking Night-time Diapers That Don't Leak!

D.T. asks from San Francisco

My nine-month old daughter is a tummy sleeper and continues to be woken up in the night because she has peed through her diaper. Any suggestions for more absorbent d...


Wet Night Time Diaper

M.F. asks from Salinas

My boy's diaper is so wet every morning, it is soaked through his onsie & pj. He sleeps 11 - 12 hours straight. I am using Pampers Extra Protection (recommend for t...


Potty Training at Night

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello,I hope someone has some helpful advice.. my 3 1/2 yr old daughter is doing great during the day with going to the bathroom, she wears underwear all day-even whe...


Middle of the Night Diaper Changes

G.Y. asks from San Francisco

My 6 month old baby boy has been wetting through his diaper every night lately. I'm happy to change his diapers in the middle of the night, except he gets fussy, crie...


Keeping Him Dry Thru the Night

B.B. asks from San Francisco

my 16 month old pees through his pajamas every night! I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to prevent this- i feel so bad for him every morning when i cha...


Help... My Daughter Keeps Soaking Through Her Diaper at Night!

K.P. asks from Boston

Hi, my daughter just turned one and it seems that from the day she turned one we have been having an issue with wetting through her diaper at night. We never had an...


Daughter's Diaper Leaks Almost Every Night...

J.K. asks from Washington DC

We use huggies overnight diapers because my daughter's diaper gets so wet at night but lately she is even leaking through those. We tried going up a size in the over...