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Night Lights

J.C. asks from Detroit

My 19 month old has just started to talk about darkness. She is starting to not want to go into rooms when the lights are not on. At night when we have put her down s...


Coffee Stain on New Carpet!!

J.O. asks from Detroit

Help! On Saturday, my husband spilled a cup of coffee all over our new, light grey carpet. I tried treating it with Bissell's stain remover, but it didn't work and ...


Sleep Issue with Almost 3Yr Old

K.S. asks from Detroit

My Daughter will be three in a couple weeks, she has always been a good sleeper since she was born. She is in a twin bed (daybed actually)and has been out of a crib f...


7 Year Old with Migraines

A.D. asks from Cincinnati

My 7 year old was recently diagnosed with migraines. She has all the classic signs of migraines(the same as I have....light sensitivity, intense pain, seeing spots)....


Financial Advise, Pre School, and Potty Training, Jobs, I Need Advise on LIFE!!

J.G. asks from Chicago

I am going nuts. Ever since my son was about 2 months old I've stayed at home with the kids because it's been too expensive for daycare. I watched one boy for about ...


Help with Book Club Dinner

R.M. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies. I am hosting a book club dinner at my house next week. I am stumped on what to serve. It is during the week so it has to be something easy. Usually it ...



K.R. asks from Dayton

My husband and I are getting our baby baptized and are having family over after the ceremony for a celebration. I have never been to a baptism before. I know there ...


Teething 6 Month Old

S.M. asks from Huntington

My daughter is in the process of cutting her first tooth. The past week had been pretty tough because she will no longer sleep through the night. In fact, she rarel...


Couponing, Need Some Tips!

S.M. asks from Lansing

Ok, so I watched the extreme couponing show last night, and even though it frusrtates me because these people still get mad when they have to pay $5 for $800 in groce...



H.R. asks from Columbus

hi ladies~ i have another question. i have a little boy, he just turned 2 in sept. he drinks more water than anyone i know, haha. very very diluted juice. at night ...