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Daughter Pooping in Night Causing Rash

D.H. asks from Topeka

Thank you to all of you for your information on my previous post about my daughters diaper rash. We have stopped all juice and things are getting better untill this ...



C.J. asks from Los Angeles

Ever since our 9month old was four weeks old she had TERRIBLE colic. She was diagnosed with a severe case of acid reflux. She's been on Zantac, Reglan, Maalox, and no...


Inside of My Son's Cheeks Hurt - Help Please!

D.K. asks from Port St. Lucie

HI, this sounds weird but my almost 5 year old son has been on and off for a few days now complaining that the inside of his cheeks are itchy/hurt -he gets really wor...


8Mo Old Wakes with Nightmare-like Episodes

A.W. asks from Sacramento

Hello! Our 8 mo old has been waking in the morning very early for a few months now, around 430/5:00. He starts screaming with his eyes shut and is almost inconsolab...


Heartburn While Pregnant

K.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Mom's -- I am pregnant and experiencing heartburn really badly (especially at night) -- At times, its so uncomfortable I can't sleep. Anyone have any safe na...


Diaper Rash

T.M. asks from Panama City

Hey moms, My 4 week old is now sleeping through the night PTL!! However, sleeping all night in a wet diaper has caused a terrible rash. It looks very chapped and r...


Need Advice on Baby with Lots of Gas

M.M. asks from Houston

My 3 month old daughter seems to be having a large amount of gas and gas pains, especially at night. I think she might sleep through the night if it weren't for the ...


Hand Foot Mouth Virus- Non- Traditioanl Remedies

J.M. asks from Austin

We are just getting over, I hope, Hand, Foot, Mouth Virus and I wanted to know if anyone had any tips? My little one seems "fine" in the day but at night she is just...


Need Help for Baby's Congestion and Lots of Spit Up

T.S. asks from Dallas

My sweet 8 week old son has been very congested since he was born. The docs told us that he ingested a lot of fluid and that was the main cause. But, he is still ve...


5-Year-old Always Has a Stomachache

L.G. asks from Salt Lake City

I have a great 5 year old daughter! She has been complaining for probably the last 2 months of a stomachache, nearly every day. The reason I haven't taken her to the ...