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Light Reading on Pregnancy Test!!

M.L. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies, I recently took a Pregnancy test...I am late on my period and I ended up getting sick with a cold or something like that. I mean I had a sore Throat...


Getting 2 Month Old to Sleep Through the Night

A.H. asks from New York

My 2-month old is still feeding every 3-4 hours at night and we are patiently waiting for him to stop the 3am feeding so that my husband and I can get more sleep! I ...


My 3 Year Old Is Having a Hard Time Winding down at Night to Go to Sleep

K.W. asks from San Francisco

My regularly easy to put to bed 3 year old has become a TERROR to put to bed. All of his life, I have been blessed with a child who would walk to bed easily, lay down...


Need Serious Help W/ My 4 Year Old and Going to Bed at Night!!!!!! Please!!!

M.F. asks from San Francisco

Hello mamas!! i'm in a really horrible situation and have no clue what to do!! please help! my 4 year old son is having trouble going to bed at night!! we just moved ...


How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests?

D.S. asks from San Francisco

I'm a week late (now 8 days) for my period. But the First Response home test (not the digital but the one with the lines) clearly says I'm not pregnant. My husband an...


Anyone Who Has Taken a Pregnancy Test

J.L. asks from Minneapolis

Sunday night i took a pregnancy test, it said if you see a PLUS sign in the window your probly pregnant. Well I saw a PLUS sign but the Vertical line was really dark ...


Need Help for My 4,5 Year Old Daughter

S.P. asks from Norfolk

I have a daughter 4,5 years old that will not sleep in her bed all night. She falls asleep while i'm still in her room. And then she wakes up every night at 1:30-2 am...


Please Help... Ahhhhh

C.K. asks from Burlington

i have done so much research on evap line omg its making me crazy LOL i took a test last night and totally forgot about it, about a hr later i went back and saw a blu...


Pregnancy Tests

D.D. asks from New York

Could you please offer some opinions on this. It is driving me crazy. My husband and I are ttc. My period is due tomorrow. By chance I had a doctor's appointment ...


"Help! Four Year Old Having Terrible Nightmares...Scared to Sleep

D.B. asks from New York

Hello Moms, I need help. My four year old has been recently having horrible nightmares. At first, it started with her waking up once, now she wakes up at least 3 t...