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Need Ideas on Getting Toddler to Take Regular Sippy Cup

G.A. asks from Denver

My son had a very hard time transferring from the bottle to a Nuby cup. We had to go cold turkey and suffer through it. Now, a year later, the Nuby cups are driving m...


Advice on Switching from Bottle to Sippy Cup

J.N. asks from Dallas

My daughter will turn 1 on Friday and I am having trouble getting her to drink from a sippy cup. I have tried several different kinds especially the nuby. She likes...


Won't Drink Milk from a Cup

A. asks from Milwaukee

My 13-month old daughter will not drink milk from a sippy cup...only a bottle. Her doctor said she doesn't need to drink much milk as long as she's getting dairy fro...


Sippy Cup Recommendations Needed

L.E. asks from San Francisco

I'd like to transition my 23 mo. old daughter from the Nuby 2-handle, very soft spout sippy cup to something with a little harder spout (although not too hard). Our ...


Good Book for New Dad to Read & Advice for a Bottle That Simulates Nursing

S.G. asks from Sacramento

Hello Mamas! I have two requests..My son is 9 weeks old and I am getting ready to go back to work in a month and want to find a bottle that works well for my son. I'v...


Problem with Sippy Cups

K.B. asks from Columbus

I am raising my 2 1/2 year old grandsons, my problem is they drink out of Nuby soft spout sippy cups, which are great. The issue I am having is they do not have the v...


Easy Sippy Cups

C.T. asks from San Francisco

My older daughter (now 4) never learned how to drink from a sippy cup, instead going straight to a straw rather easily (she could just do it one day!) My younger dau...


Help Weaning from Bottle

S.J. asks from Austin

I have a 18 month old son who is still on the bottle and eats baby food from a jar. I can't seem to get him to take a sippy cup or eat table food. I'm not really sur...


Sippy Cups Advice

J.F. asks from Augusta

I need sippy cup advice!! My son will be 11 months old tomorrow. We have been working with a sippy cup for about 4 1/2 months! He just plays with it. I am not sure i...


Bottle to Sippy Cup Advice

A.W. asks from Atlanta

My son is 13 months old and is still on 3 bottles a day. Yesterday I put milk in his 'lunch' bottle and he refused to drink it. I warmed the milk and then second atte...