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Diaper Bag

J.B. asks from St. Louis

I'm looking for diaper bag recommendations. I want one big enough for newborn and toddler that also has a flat bottom.


Long Underwear for Babies??

A.W. asks from Chicago

Hi there! This is my first winter in Chicago with a baby who will be going outside. My daughter is 11 months old, and I don't know what you're supposed to put on ba...


JFF: What Is Your Favorite Bathing Suit?

L.M. asks from Houston

What is your favorite bathing suit? Oh my goodness ladies.... I was at Target and saw bathing suits from Spanx!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I tend to wear a tan...


Diaper Backpack

J.R. asks from Portland

I'm due any day with my second daughter. It's just beginning to dawn on me that I'm going to have to carry WAY more gear again, plus have a couple of diapers around f...


Comfy Shoes for Long Walk to Work..

G.G. asks from Chicago

looking for some suggestions of comfortable shoes to wear on my commute to work. I do change my shoes once I get in the office.


Looking to Upgrade Diaper Bag to Accommodate Newborn and Three Year Old

J.W. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies! I am due with my second child in about four weeks and I feel like I've outgrown my old diaper bags. I've been using any shoulder bag to carry entertainment...


Diaper Bags

M.S. asks from Houston

I have been looking for a good diaper bag for the last two years. I have two in diapers and cannot seem to find a good way to carry all our stuff around. Can you reco...


Your Favorite Toys & Books for a 1 Year-old

G.C. asks from New York

Hi moms, what are your favorite toys and board books for a 1 year-old? We have some Karen Katz books that my DD destroyed so I'm looking for some titles of sturdier l...


Diaper Bag Suggestion for Twins

D.R. asks from New York

Hi Mommies! I have almost 8 month old b/g twins and I need a suggestion for a good diaper bag. I currently have one from Target that resembles a doctors


Still Searching for the PERFECT Diaper bag.......HELP!!

S.W. asks from Los Angeles

I have gone through SO many diaper bags and have my second baby now, so i just can't deal with an over the shoulder diaper bag falling off my arm and knocking over my...