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Northern Mamas - Best Winter Jacket for Us?

J.B. asks from Boston

Hi mamas - in responding to another post I realized that I *still* after 36 years in New England do not own a proper winter jacket. I have along dress coat which I we...


Diaper Bag for 2

K.L. asks from Savannah

I have a newborn and a 2 year old. Before my second was born, the diaper bag we had was working just fine. Now, with 2, our bag is not large enough. I like to be p...


Looking for a Diaper Bag That Will Last

A.P. asks from San Francisco

I am on my second diaper bag and my son is only 9 months old. We purchased a JJ Cole messenger bag style and it started falling apart a few months in so we traded it ...


Logistics of Cloth Diapering on the Go?

S.S. asks from Minneapolis

OK, since we seem to be on this topic, I'm curious about how those that use cloth diapers handle it on-the-go. One of the reasons I've never used cloth diapers is bec...


Summer Vacation Ideas

C.F. asks from Dallas

We are new to Texas and are from NC where the beach is 3 hrs away, would like some ideas what to do with my family, we have a 3 year old who loves the water and so do...


Names on Backpacks?

M.. asks from St. Louis

Im ordering my little soon to be 1st grader a new back pack. Every sight I have seen gives you the option to put your kids names on back packs. Does anyone else thi...


Sunscreen/summer Tips for My Little One

S.E. asks from New York

our weather here has been pretty screwey lately.. we really didn't have a "spring".. it basically went from freezing to summer.. its 80degrees today. first day since...


Son's Jeans Keep on Ripping at the Knee

C.D. asks from San Francisco

I have two toddler boys and the jeans they wear eventually get ripped in the jeans (but no that long after the jeans are bought brand new). Now I understand boys pla...


First Time Vacation

J.D. asks from Indianapolis

In May my son (he will be 9 months) will be going on our first vacation to Florida. My parents are flying down a week earlier and then they will meet us at the airpo...


Kids Winter Coats?

M.L. asks from Chicago

For our pretty cold winters here in McHenry County, what brand coat do you find is really warm for your kids/toddlers? Any thoughts on the Children's Place 3-in-1...