New Car: Cosco Alpha Omega

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Which Car Seat to Buy

M.L. asks from Dallas

My DD just turned 1 this week. and subsequently is also to big for her infant carrier. I have a Mazda RX8, very small anyone know what cardeat will fit best in that...


Need Help with Convertible Car Seat!

M.P. asks from Houston

I have a convertible car seat since 2002. It's Black Cosco Alpha Omega.. We would like to convert Cosco Aplha Omega into booster seat for my second child but I do...


Best Car Seat for Long Road Trip

A.B. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, Can anyone recommend a good car seat that is comfortable for their toddler to sleep in on a long road trip. We have the Cosco Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat a...


Car Seat

T.C. asks from Providence

Hi Moms,searching for a new car seat for my daughter and wanted to know what you thought about the car seat Alpha Omega? your import means alot! Thank you, T. C


New Child Car Seat

V.M. asks from Norfolk

My son will be turning one soon and I will need to purchase a new car seat. I was wondering if anyone knew of a website that rates the different car seats based on s...


New Car Seat

M.B. asks from San Francisco

My son is just about to outgrow his first car seat. I would like to buy a new seat that he can use for awhile. One that I can use rear facing until he turns one and t...


Looking for a New Car Seat

C.R. asks from Richmond

My 4 month old is a big girl, and we'll be in the market for a new car seat soon. I need something that will go from rear facing to forward facing. At the rate she ...


Car Seats

M.T. asks from Dallas

My son is almost 11 months old and has just about outgrown his infant/rear facing car seat. I'm going to looking for the next size up. Does anybody have any suggestio...


Car Seats

A.D. asks from Las Vegas

I need to buy a new car seat for my 2 yr old son and want something that can grow with him. Any suggestions?


Car Seat

S.B. asks from Kansas City

I would like to find a gently used car seat to use as a secondary seat for my husband's car. Does anyone know where to find one? I've tried Craig's list with no succ...