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What Clothes to Wear

A.S. asks from Lubbock

I am due in august and I have already bought everything for the new baby.I was just wondering what kind of clothing is best to put on a new baby boy.i have a alot of ...


Best Advice for a Growing Family?

A.A. asks from Tulsa

So we are 3 weeks away from welcoming son #2 into our family, and I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed! Big brother will turn 3 a few days before my due date, and ...


What Baby Items Can You Not Live Without?

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am getting ready to register for my baby shower, and I want to hear from recent new moms as to what you have found to be extrememly helpful and things you couldn't ...


North County Consignment Store for Kids Clothes and Gear

K.M. asks from San Diego

My son grows so fast, he's only 7months and wears 18month clothes!!! I can't keep up $$$ with his new wardrobe every month. Do any of you ladies know where I can find...


Outfit Assistance for Newborn

M.J. asks from Los Angeles

I am going to be a first-time mom in less than six weeks (due March 7) and had a wardrobe question. We received mainly newborn onesies from our baby shower and I real...


Soon-to-be First Time Mom Looking for Advice from Experienced Moms

A.R. asks from Chicago

I am in my second trimester and my husband and I are anxiously awaiting our new arrival, but I am the first person in our group of friends to have a baby and I am lac...


Advice for a Freind

S.B. asks from Indianapolis

Hello everyone, I am wanting to make a "book" of advice for a friend who is about 5 months pregnant with her first child as a baby gift, however since I am a new mom...


What's a Item You Used for Your Baby That You Couldn't Live Without??

J.J. asks from Chicago

HI MAMMA'S! I'm a soon-to-be 1st time gramma and wanted to make sure my daughter had some great things to help her transition into parenthood with the new baby. Is ...


Potty Training a Resistant 3 Year Old

M.A. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, My daughter turned 3 in March. At the advice of my pediatrician I have not been very forceful with pursuing potty training as she always seemed to be ...


Winter Clothing for a Newborn

A.L. asks from Las Vegas

Hi, I will be delivering a new born in early Dec and was wondering what kind of winter wear to get? Are they allowed to go out the first week since its pretty cold in...