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Easy & Fun Cardio

S.D. asks from Phoenix

Hi ladies! I was wondering if anyone had a favorite easy cardio DVD that you like to do at home? I know my mom does Richard Simmons but I can't stand to watch him. Th...


Seeking a Safe and Good Elementary School for North or North West LasVegas

L.T. asks from Las Vegas

We are moving from Texas to LasVegas. I am wanting to learn about some of the schools for my Nine year old son. He is in the Fourth grade and will be coming to Vegas ...


School Questions

M.D. asks from Austin

We just received our child's end of year conference report from her teacher. She began First grade reading well past middle of first grade level. She is ending first ...


Mattress Recommendation

H.C. asks from San Francisco

We are moving up to a twin size bed or our 4 year old son. Does anyone have a favorite mattress recommendation for kids? Thank you!


What's Your Favorite Excercise Video?

K.E. asks from Fresno

Hello everyone. I'm (like most moms) trying to lose my baby weight and have been able to drop 25 pounds, but I still would like to lose another 10-15 pounds. The pro...


Three Girls Picking on My Daughter

S.J. asks from Des Moines

My daughter has three classmates that like to pick on her. She may bring some of this on herself because she's a super extrovert and it may bother some of the other ...


Mattress Recommendations

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

My husband is 6'4" and weights 225, I am 5'6" and weigh 135 lbs. When my husband gets into bed he weighs it down so much that I roll into him all night long! We have...


What's the Best Type/brand of Mattress for a Toddler?

S.S. asks from Jacksonville

My 3 year old son currently sleeps in his crib with the front part off. The crib turns into a double bed (not a twin). We are looking at putting him into his "big boy...


How to Get My Daughter Tested for Kindergarten

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

Who do I call to look into having my 4 1/2 year old tested for Kindergarten? She misses the cutoff by 10 days (will be 5 on December 12). She's had one year of Pres...


Any Ideas on How to Deal with a Bully?

S.B. asks from Dallas

Well, here is the thing, what can I do as a parent for my daughter who has become a target of a bully in high school? Let me give you a little bit of a background, s...