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K.M. asks from Boston

i have not got my period since feb 13 and my stomach is bulged out on the top and kinda hard could i be pregnant should i go and get a pregnancy test please let me no...


False Positive Pregnancy Test Experiences?

M.M. asks from Detroit

I think I got a false positive on a Clearblue Easy +/- pregnany test. I took it yesterday at lunch... It clearly showed a + within the 2-10 minute window. I took anoth...


Think I Am Pregnant but Pregnancy Tests Coming Back Negative

J.P. asks from Dallas

I am always on schedule and this month, I am 2 days late. I took 2 pregnancy test, 1 last night and 1 today, but both are coming back negative. How long does it usua...


Doctor Test Vs. Home Test

T.S. asks from Dallas

Can the doctor tell if you are pregnant even before a home pregnancy test???


Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! False Negative?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

M.R. asks from Albany

ok... i am so confused... i am on depo provera.... since january, no bleeding... until 3 weeks ago... light pink spotting only when i wiped, then it turned brown, went...


Preparing for the 3 Hour Glucose Test During Pregnancy...

A.C. asks from Wichita

Hello, Moms! I am expecting baby number 3 in November and recently found out that I did not pass my 1 hour glucose test. My test results show 156, and I believe the ...


Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

How accurate are they? Do you wait until after you have missed your period to take one with the dollar store kind. I just hate spending so much money on pregnancy te...


Negative Tests... Is It Too Early to Tell???

S.R. asks from Dallas

my husband and i recently decided to start trying for our second child. i'm SO anxious to be pregnant - i've had the fever for a VERY long time! the first day of my...


False Negative? Could I Be Pregnant?

J.J. asks from Atlanta

okayy so i have an almost two year old daughter so i been through the whole pregnancy cycle before.. i had my period in january and was supposed to start february 15th...


Wondfo Pregnancy Test, False Positive??

A.C. asks from Seattle

i started taking the mini pill on the 7th of october and missed a couple pills on accident. i havent been feeling very well so i took two wondfo pregnancy tests with m...