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False Negative Pregnancy Test??

K.B. asks from Washington DC

I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten a false negative on a pregnancy test? I got my IUD taken out at the end of August, 4 days later I got my period on time. I...


False Negative Pregnancy Test?

K.K. asks from Cleveland

Hi ladies - you all have been so helpful in the past, I'm hoping you can come through for me again this time! Okay, here's the background. After my son was born (12...


False Negative Pregnancy Test

M.A. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are trying to concieve. I should have gotten my period on March 16th, but I still have not, that makes me 12 days late. I have taken several pregnanc...


False Negative Pregnancy Test

A.R. asks from Hartford

I was wondering if I could get some feedback from moms who have had false negative pregnancy tests. Is it true that this can happen? I am two days late, would love ...


Early Miscarriage Symptoms but Negative Pregnancy Test?

K.M. asks from Fort Wayne

Has anyone experienced all of the symptoms of miscarriage but the pregnancy test was negative? I have already had one miscarriage about 4 years ago and my recent sym...



A.D. asks from Honolulu

ok so we are waiting on my period..still..and so we took a pregnancy test just to see. ive been waiting, thinking about nothing except being pregnant. ladies, you kno...


Pregnancy Test

M.R. asks from San Juan

i have taken the pregnancy test two times and it says negative is their a possibility that i may be pregnant ?? please help


Negative Pregnancy Test at Dr's Lab..

K.L. asks from Sacramento

I've taken four home preg tests, and ALL were clearly positive. Went to the Dr lab today, and took a urine preg test. Dr called back and said it was negative... I tol...


Pregnancy Symptoms with a False Negative Test

A.T. asks from San Francisco

I'm wondering if anyone has had a pregnancy blood test and home urine tests come up negative, but then found out you were pregnant. Here is my situation. I could hav...