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Pregnant After Miscaariage???

T.L. asks from Fresno

In Oct of 09 i had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. Now in dec of 09 i am five weeks pregnant. I called my ob and they scheduled an appointment for the 21st of dec. I tol...


Am I Pregnant?

S.K. asks from South Bend

So I am not sure what is going on with me. My last period started around March 8th or 9th and I have not had another since. I should of been due for my period around ...


Is Any Mom Familiar with the Swine Flu Vaccine?

J.C. asks from San Francisco

I've heard nothing but negative things regarding the swine flu vaccine. I agree that a vaccine can't be formulated in such a short time. Does anyone have any info?


What's Going on with Me?

L.R. asks from Minneapolis

Hi there I am a mom of a 2 year old and we are hoping to add a little brother or sister in the mix. I went off my bc pills in February and have had a normal cycle s...


Abnormal Bleeding (Sorry, This Has a Lot of Personal Info...)

M.P. asks from Provo

My husband and I have been using condoms as our BC method since I quit breastfeeding in October. Since then I have had very regular cycles beginning my period on day...


Maternal Serum Screening Positive Results

A.L. asks from Las Vegas

I am 18 weeks along in my pregnancy and recently had the maternal serum screening test completed. I have two other healthly children so I really didn't give getting ...


Breastfeeding Is Suddenly Hurting!

A.H. asks from Los Angeles

I've been breastfeeding my son for 18 months with no problems. I had planned to wean very gradually over the next six so that we're done by the time he's two. He go...


My Child Is Underweight

A.P. asks from Dallas

I am at a loss, so I thought I would see if anyone else had experienced these same issues with their little one... My son is 15 months and only weighs 16 lbs. Befor...


Do They Work???

B.C. asks from Dallas's i was just wondering if any of you mom's have used a preg test from the dollar store do any of yall know if they work???im just wondering since they are a do...



A.N. asks from Grand Junction

ok moms, my husband and i already have three kids and took precautions not to have more, he got a vasectomy in may of '07. i know they are not always a hundred perce...