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False-Negative Pregnancy Tests

L.D. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone! My hubby and I have been trying to conceive baby #2 for about 7 months now. My cycle is like a clock - I always have spotting the day before my period ...


"Slightly" Positive Pregnancy Test??

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! Here's a little bit of a background. When I am not on the pill my periods are super iregular. I think it was pure luck that we got pregnant on the first try wi...


When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! Before I went on the Pill my periods were super irregular. I would have my period about 3 times a year, never knowing when it would come. Every 28 days or so I...



R.N. asks from Portland

I am currently on Mirena having pregnancy symptoms. I have taken several tests over the past few months and all were clearly negative. Today I took one and one window...


How Soon Can I Take a Test?

R.A. asks from Indianapolis

My period is 5 days late and I was wondering when I could take a pregnancy test. If I took one tomorrow would it be accurate? Also, is it better to take one first t...


Walgreens Preg Test??

K.S. asks from Portland

ok im sure some of you ready my other posting about my almost 12 month old not wanting to nurse and when she does she spits up. anyways i got a lot of feedback saying...


Pregnancy Tests

N.L. asks from Chicago

Has anyone had issues with a false home pregnancy test? I recently took an unexpired First Response test and it said I was not pregnant, yet I am a few days late. I...


Preg Test Clear Blue Easy? Question Regarding Test Stick

A.P. asks from Miami

i recently used a Digital Preg test, the test came out not pregnant but when the test strip was ejected it had two blue lines, one was very light but there, the next ...


Other Moms' Opinions of Ovulation Test Kits

A.H. asks from Rockford

I'm just curious how many moms out there have tried the ovulation predictor kits... Have you found them to be helpful? Accurate? We've been trying to conceive anothe...


Pregnancy Tests

D.D. asks from New York

Could you please offer some opinions on this. It is driving me crazy. My husband and I are ttc. My period is due tomorrow. By chance I had a doctor's appointment ...