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Missed Period, Have Not Taken a Test, and Disneyland Rides???

D.S. asks from Anchorage

Ok, so here is my question.... I am a week late on my cycle, we have not been preventing but I have not taken a test either. I have not been sick unlike my first pre...


Had a Tubal Ligation Last, Is This Normal?

M.B. asks from Canton

I had a tubal ligation on Sept 14, and I started my period that same day (lucky me). I was told by my OB/GYN that it would be painful (it was horrible) but she never...



C.A. asks from Sacramento

I know that you really can't help or answer. I really know exactly what to do, but am scared to death. I am a devout Catholic and after being divorced for 4 years, ...


Just Turned 13 in January

S.U. asks from Houston

My daughter just turned 13 in January and has decided she does,nt have to do anything she is told. Anyone ever dealt with this if so how did you fix it?