Natural vs. Epidural

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Recomedation for OBGYN That Supports Natural Childbirth

M. asks from Las Vegas

Hi Everyone! I recently found out I am pregnant with my second so here I am seeking an OBGYN that will be supportive of giving birth naturally. I did like my last d...


Advice on Childbirth Classes/doula

D.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, I am giving birth in September and trying to get things in place. I want to try to have a natural childbirth, but realize that may not be possible. I wan...


Childbirth Class Recommendations?

J.B. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a childbirth class to take with my husband this summer and have a ton of questions. Is there a childbirth class that you've already taken that you w...


Natural Birth

L.L. asks from Benton Harbor

Looking for tips and encouragement for a natural birth experiance with my second child. I had an epidural with my 1st which went fine but I am really interested in n...


Looking for a Great OB That Would Support Natural Childbirth

M.S. asks from Dallas

Hello out there! I am brand new to the DFW area, and I'm looking for an OB/Gyn. I'm not pregnant yet, but planning to do InVitro Fertilization in the next few month...


Seeking Reviews of Natural Childbirth at Kaiser Sunset vs Cedars & OB Recs

M.N. asks from Los Angeles

HI folks, Based on the great responses from my last question I have crossed off St Joe's from our list of potential hospitals. We are now looking for reviews from ...


Childbirth Classes in South Park Area

A.D. asks from Charlotte

Can anyone recommend childbirth class locations in the South Park area?


What Is Your Experience with Natural Childbirth Methods?

L.N. asks from Salt Lake City

As background, I took Bradley classes before my birth and am now training to teach Bradley. I've been wondering what other methods are like since I don't know too muc...


Tubal After Childbirth

M.T. asks from Dallas

Has anyone had their tubes tied right after childbirth? (I plan on having a conventional birth, not a c-section) My Dr. said it can be done right after birth using th...


Besides an epidural....what Else Is Available During Labor

R.R. asks from San Francisco

I am exploring other pain management options during labor...the feedback I've heard so far..has either been to go all-natural(drug-free) birth or an epidural. I have ...