Natural vs. Epidural: Lamaze

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Does Child Birth Hurt More than Getting Kicked in the Balls?

E.R. asks from San Francisco

I know this question is kinda hard to answer since you can't experience both, but I was having a debate with my boyfriend's friends. I'm 7 months pregnant now with my...


Allen Birthing Center

A.G. asks from Dallas

I would love to hear from any of you moms who went through natural childbirth at Allen Birthing Center. Please let me know all about your experience. THANK YOU!!!!!


Curious Question

S.W. asks from Los Angeles

If you only had two choices concerning childbirth, first being a natural unmedicated delivery, second being a c-section, which would you choose? I'm doing a survey ...


Natural Birth in San Fernando Valley

S.O. asks from Los Angeles

I am due in early may with my 3rd child, my first two kids where with midwives, I have a new insurance (bluecross/bluesheild) and due to financial limitations we have...


Starting to Feel a Little Nervous About Labor Pain

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey moms! Well just to give a little back history: When my first son was born I was induced a few days past my due date and opted to have an epidural. They tried to...


Is It Possible to Have a Doula Just for Child Birth?

K.M. asks from San Francisco

I am in my 7th month of pregnancy and have decided that I would like to look into using the services of a Doula to help me ensure a natural childbirth. Is it too lat...


Any Homebirth Mom's Out There?

A.B. asks from San Antonio

I am planning a homebirth for our second baby and am very excited about it! Are there any other mom's out there that have had a good homebirth or natural birth expiri...


Birthing Options--lamanze, Bradley, Etc.

K.P. asks from Denver

I definately want to have my baby at a hospital under the care of an OB. I've got a labor doula who will be present at the birth, as will my husband. I want to ...


Non-Medicated Delivery with Induction

C.S. asks from Dallas

I am currently a week and one day past my estimated due date with my first baby and have already been told by the doctor that the baby will be a healthy size (he was ...


My Husband Thinks I'm Crazy :)

L.M. asks from Portland

I told my husband that I really want to try to have a natural birth this time around, with my second child. He thinks I'm crazy, lol. But he will be there for me no m...