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Natural Minded OB/GYN? Midwife?

J.H. asks from New York

I know it's kind of a contradiction in terms but is there a natural minded ob/gyn around here? (We found a pediatrician who's an MD but also does homeopathy and chin...


Natural Remedies for Endometreosis

D.H. asks from Detroit

Hi I am a mother of two, and have struggled with endometreosis for about 15 years. I have had a laproscopy and lesions were removed however; now that I am done having...


Natural Treatment Options for Endometriosis

C.M. asks from Rockford

To make a long story somewhat shorter, I've been having lower right back pain for more than a year. A little after that started, I started have sharp pains in my pel...


Question About Thyroid Meds

M.T. asks from Austin

My doc said my thyroid is off and I need to take synthroid does anyone take this and if so what are the good and bad of the meds


Yeast Infection Alternative Meds?

H.G. asks from Lancaster

I haven't had a yeast infection in many many years but stupid me - I've taken antibiotics for the past two days and now I'm feeling one coming on. I completely forgo...


IBS Sufferers--a Question About Meds

M.H. asks from Minneapolis

Have any of you been prescribed or taken nortriptyline (an anti-depressant) for IBS? If so, did it help and did you experience any side effects? I have had IBS for ...



K.W. asks from Dallas

Good Morning Ladies,I need some information please? Do any of you know if medicare/medicaid pays for eye glasses? If so do you know of a eye glass store to get your p...


Any Non Medicinal Suggestions?

M.G. asks from Dallas

I'm a real stickler for not taking medicine unless it's absolutely necessary (ie antibiotics for infections and things like that). My throat started hurting today, a...



S.S. asks from Alexandria

Medicaid has sent me two cards now. I didn't not request the second it was in the mail. My qquestion is...Which card do i use? the one i have been using or the new one?