Nasal Aspirator

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Evil Aspirator

L.V. asks from San Diego

My 8-month old has a stuffy nose and can't sleep through night. I'm using a saline spray, a cool mist humidifier and an aspirator. We hate the aspirator! It doesn't ...


Seeking Nasal Aspirator

M.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hey Mom's what is the best nasal aspirator in the market? and does anybody know where can I buy the one they give in the hospital?


NasalClear Aspirator

S.J. asks from Dallas

Has anyone tried the NasalClear Aspirator? I found one at One Step Ahead & would love to buy it if it works. It says it even plays songs to distract them. I have s...


7 Month Old Twins Have Colds, Refuse Nasal Aspirator Bulb

H.R. asks from Chicago

My 7 month old baby twins have come down with colds and have congested & runny noses. It's so clear that they have phlegm in their noses, but FREAK OUT when I try to...


Electronic Nasal Aspirators-Has Anyone Used Them?

S.A. asks from Seattle

My 22 month old freaks out when I try to use our bulb nasal aspirator. Today, he started screaming and crying as soon as he saw it in my hand. Has anyone used the ele...


Has Anyone Tried the New Nasal Aspirators (Battery Powered)?

M.B. asks from Salt Lake City

I am looking for an amazing nasal aspirator that actually works without torturing your child, has anyone tried the new battery powered ones that say they completely c...


How Do You Teach a Toddler How to Blow Their Nose?

L. asks from Dallas

My daughter has yet another cold this year (2007) and she freaks out when I try to wipe her nose. I haven't been able to use a nasal aspirator for awhile, as I'm afr...


Newborn with Congestion and Cough, HELP!

L.B. asks from San Francisco

My poor 1.5 week old daughter has been congested for about a week now. Shes got a really bad case of congestion, and its gotten so bad that shes got a gagging cough t...


Stuffy Nose

G.H. asks from Cleveland

My 10 week old has a stuffy nose that won't go away. She has had it for about 3 weeks. I have a warm vaporizer that runs 24 hours a day in her room and have used Li...


We Have Our First Green Buggers!!

M.N. asks from Chicago

Last night was not our favorite. Our almost four month old came down with her first green buger congestion. She isnt coughing but very congested. I try to get them...