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C.P. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter will not take naps. She is 8 months old and will take milk breaks for a few minutes but then gets right back up. I don't understand. She sleeps 11 hours t...


What to Do After Naps?

J.H. asks from Denver

I'm struggling with what to do with my boys after their afternoon naps (usually around 3pm). In the summer we always play outside until dinner. With the changing weat...


No Naps!

S.N. asks from Detroit

How can I get my daughter to take regular naps? She's 6.5 months old now and has never been a good napper however she sleeps 12 hours at night (not straight through ...



L.S. asks from New York

We are having A LOT of trouble getting our 10 month old to sleep! He will sleep at night thankfully but naps are a horror show! Any suggestions? We are not into th...



J.P. asks from San Francisco

i have a one year old son who i breastfeed before his naps - i know big mistake. I would like to wean him from breastfeeding during the day, including nap time - he g...



M.K. asks from San Francisco

my baby takes 3 hour naps but will only do so if rocked in a car seat, swung on a swing or held. what's the best way for him to sleep in his crib? he can't seem to s...


No More Naps?

C.S. asks from New York

My son will be 2 1/2 in February. Up until a week ago he would nap every day from 12:30 until 2:30. He went down easily, and never fought his afternoon nap. Last we...



S.B. asks from Salinas

Our son has been an excellent sleeper from day one. We are indeed blessed. He sleeps in his crib for naps and bedtime. Has done this since 5 months old. When we would...



J.C. asks from Kansas City

hi :) I am just curious on how many naps a child that is almost one (11 months) should be taking. She's moving up to the next room in daycare in a couple of months ...



S.E. asks from Boston

Hello Everyone, Should my 17 month old still be taking two naps a day? The pediatrician said she should be going down to just one but I was wondering...