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Seeking Nap Mat

Hi moms, Does anyone know of a place in Houston where I can buy a nap mat? It seems that Target and Wal-Mart only carry them just before school starts. I've seen some online stores that sell nap mats for $80+, but I definitely don't want to spend that much! Thanks!

Afternoon Naps

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Cranky 9 Month Old--only in the Afternoon

My almost 9 month old has always been a happy baby--except for the time between his afternoon nap and bedtime, roughly about 4 hours. I know this is a common fussy time for a lot of babies, but the last few days it has gotten a lot worse. Even if I'm on the floor playing with him, he just crawls over to my lap and isn't happy until I'm holding him. Since I'm at work all day, I could use all the hugs I can get, but it's making it really hard to make dinner for my 3 year old and myself! Any suggestions for how to keep him entertained and...

Morning Naps

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First Time Mom Needing Help W/ Newborn Naps

I have a 7 week old little girl who for the last 3 weeks has stopped napping after nursing, for most of her naps except 1 time during the day. And that is usually because I'm at a loss and we go in the car or she goes in the swing. I am very worried that she is going to have some kind of problem because of this. If she does nap on her own, it is usually for only 20-30 min. So total, she naps maybe 4 hours tops during the daylight hours. Should I be doing everything I can to ensure she naps more ie/ more car rides and swing time, or...

Nap Schedule

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Whats a Good Feeding Schedule?

just wanted to check in and see what ppl's day looked like esply with eating (and what foods), how much milk a day, and sleep schedules? we just got back from the peds yesterday and i have to make some changes (i.e. decrease milk and push solids, push self-feeding, etc.), so im not so sure how to do this. she is 1 yr old. our schedule is as follows: -wake around 7am (i just eliminated her morning bottle) -breakfast about 8am (by the time i get my AM chores done) with oatmeal mixed with fruit (homemade pureed cubes), bits of...