Nap Schedule: Water Toys

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Daily Summer Schedule

K.W. asks from Washington DC

Now that summer is approaching and my oldest will be out of school, I wanted to get some ideas for a daily schedule. My boys are 3 (turns 4 next month) and 6. Both wi...


Schedule for Two Year Old

S.M. asks from Dallas

For the first 22 months of my son's life I have been a sahm mum. At the end of May i got a full time job. I wish I could be a sahm but we need the finances. To help ...


What to Do When It Gets to Hot Outside to Play?

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

I just moved inland and it has been over 100 lately. What can you do with your kids to keep them having fun? I take him outside after 2:00 p.m. .But until then were b...


Activities for Bored 2 Year Old.

B.L. asks from Missoula

My son drives me nuts all day long because he wont entertain himself. He has all the toys in the world, but he doesn't really play with them. He doesn't like to color...


Bath Time??

E.B. asks from Seattle

So, I am trying to get us in sinc here. We have never been a family to stay with a schedule. I have in the last month trying to get us on one that works for us. So...


Three Year Old Will Not Sleep!!

J.H. asks from Burlington

My three year old daughter has never been a good sleeper. She did go thru a phase when she was in the early part of her second year where she slept well but other tha...


How Can I Be a Better Mother?

C.Q. asks from San Francisco

Now that I have two kids., (A two year old and a two week old), I have begun to feel like a bad mother. My two year old is driving me INSANE. She was such a little an...


Seeking Advice on Helping a 2 Year Old Give up the Pacifier

L.M. asks from Jacksonville

My son turned two in June and we decided two weeks ago to take away the pacifier. He initially had little to no problem with it. He asked for it a couple of times but...


Bedtime Routine

H.G. asks from San Francisco

My 8 month old has been, up until now, very good about going to bed. In the last month, however, she hasn't been responding to the way I would just feed her, sing to ...


4 Year Old Playing with Toys

K.H. asks from Naples

Our almost 4 year old son doesn't have much interest in playing on his own anymore. He used to independently play with all his, trucks, blocks, leggos an...