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J.D. asks from Reno

Now that our son is older, my husband and I are thinking about transitioning him from a nanny to a more traditional day care, 2 days a week. It would be a substantia...


Looking for Advice on Childcare in Chicago, IL

R.Y. asks from Chicago

I am very concerned about childcare after the maternity leave. I do not have family in the city and I make too much for state aid but not enough for a nanny. Please...



M.S. asks from Boston

My nanny just found out that has genital herpes. Is this something I need to be concern? My kinds are in diapers and being potty trained in the toilet.


Background Check

L. asks from Dallas

Do you think it is valuable to run a background check on a potential nanny? What are some valid websites for this? How much does it usually cost.


What Do You Pay Nannies?

N. asks from Dallas

We are looking into a full-time nanny in our home for our 4 month old. We would love someone who would be able to assist in small chores around the house, also. Wh...


I Just Went Back to Work and My 4-Month Old Is Now Waking Every 2 Hours at Night

T.R. asks from Denver

I have a 4-month old daughter who had been on a great sleeping schedule before I went back to work. She took 3 naps during the day and only woke once during the nigh...


Childcare Fears

R.R. asks from Orlando

I am a soon to be mother of two. My other daughter is 8 and I am pregnant with my second daughter. We are vigorously interviewing nannies for in home (there) childcar...


This Is a TAX Question for Nannies Out There.

T.T. asks from Dallas

My Speech Therapist has a Nanny who watches her two daughters once a week for $15 an hour! Yes over priced I know!!!! They have paid her the full paycheck on each...


Au Pair Agency??

M. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have a recommendation for an agency that provides au pairs? I am looking for a live in nanny for the summer. I have never done this before, so if you hav...


Need Help with Day Care

M.G. asks from Phoenix

My daughter is 20wks old and has been in day care since I went back to work. I would really like to find a loving stay at home mom that would like to make some extra...