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MacBook Help PLEASE!!!!

N.D. asks from Cincinnati

I have a MacBook Pro, and I'm always keeping it away from my two year old daughter (for obvious reasons... she's two). I need it for school and for work. Obviously, I...


Can Anyone Recommend a Good Digital Camera for a 4 Year Old?

J.B. asks from Houston

Mommy Santa would like to get a child's (inexpensive or moderately priced) digital camera for my 4 year old. It needs to be able to hold a few photos and contain (or...


Kids Electronics!

M.H. asks from Raleigh

Hello Ladies, My husband and I have finally decided what to get our son (who turned 3 in August) for Christmas. One of the things we have contemplated getting him ...


Any Info on Vsmile Learning System

J.S. asks from Chicago

Anyone have the Vsmile learning system? Like it or waste of money? We already have a keyboard thing that goes over ours, but the games are really weird and I don't ...


Best Toys for 3 Year Old

J.C. asks from Detroit

Grandparents are starting to ask for a Christmas list. What are some toys for a 3 year old that she will actually play with? I would like some educational toys as w...


Leap Pad and Electronic Systems

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi everyone, My older son is 3, and my younger is 21 months and I'm expecting a baby in Nov. I am curious if you all would recommend any of the electronic learnin...


Any Recommendations for a Durable Digital Camera for a Toddler?

M.M. asks from Kansas City

My son likes doing whatever I am doing, including trying to use my camera, so I want to get him his own digital camera for Christmas. I need a good quality camera so ...


Lap Top Toy for Toddler

H.H. asks from Hartford

I am looking for a lap top toy for my toddler (age 2 but she is fairly advanced) Does anyone have and love or hate one? I did a search and found several (some on youn...


Leapster Explorer?

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

We were at Best Buy this weekend and say the Leapster Explorer. My 4.5 year old fell in LOVE with it. From what I saw, it seemed to be a pretty good handheld system f...


Digital Camera for 4-5 Year Old

B.F. asks from Toledo

Hi! Does anyone know of a great kid digital camera? My son loves to use mine, so I was looking for one for Christmas. Thanks!