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Summer Infant Advice Needed

M.L. asks from Des Moines

I know babies like to be swaddled and I know they can’t regulate their temperatures right away, but won’t a summer baby (due 6-20-07) get too hot if swaddled too ...


Video Monitors

M.L. asks from Dallas

I am a SAHM of a 2.5 yo boy. We have had a video monitor for my son since he was about 2 years old. We are pregnant with our 2nd child and wanting to get another vi...


Seeking Advice on Play Yards and Baby Monitirs

S.C. asks from Houston

I have been setting up my registry and it is about to drive me crazy. However I have two specific questions. My husband and I looked at the Pack n' Plays and really ...


Swaddling an Older Baby

K.L. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone, I have a 5 month-old who still sleeps better when he's fully swaddled. My husband and I would like to transition him to no swaddle, but it keeps him ...


In-Bed CoSleeper Device

A.F. asks from Houston

Anyone used one of those in-bed cosleeping things or know anyone who has? Summer Infant has one, there are a few others out on the market. I coslept with my daugh...


Video Monitor Recommendations?

A.S. asks from Portland

My son is almost 2 1/2 and we've been through 3 different video monitors. We started with 2 different Summer Infant monitors and then just tried the iBaby monitor th...


2 Way Monitors?

C.P. asks from Dallas

Hi there - we're in the market for a baby monitor - and thus far everyone I've talked to has recommended the Summer Infant Video monitor - and so that's what we're le...


Seeking Advice on 'Bath Time'

M.J. asks from Minneapolis

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, you have helped so much in the past. So my little one hates baths. She enjoyed them when we bathed her in the kitchen sink a...


Top of Stairs Gate with Banisters

K.F. asks from Portland

I need a gate for our new home at the top of the stairs. It has nice wood banister poles on both sides that we really don't want to drill into. Our current home has...


Long Range Monitor

R.R. asks from Chicago

We are traveling to my in-laws who live on a lake over the weekend. I've taken our regular baby monitor to their home before and it gets terrible static and interfer...