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Huggies vs Pampers in Breastfed Infant Girl?

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is 3 mos old, breastfed, and we currently use the pampers swaddlers and they seem to be leaking. This happened with my son too who was also breastfed and...


Seeking Least Expensive Place for Pampers

J.C. asks from Orlando

Hi everyone!! I'm three days away from due date and need to know the best place to buy pampers in bulk for cheap. I'm on FML so need to be frugal for now. All suggest...


Pampers Swaddlers or Baby Dry for a Newborn?

A.S. asks from Chicago

Expecting #3 in a few weeks, so I went shopping for diapers. We used Swaddlers for our first two boys up to the biggest size, then switched to Baby Dry instead of Cr...


Help! Need a Diaper Recommendation to Replace My Pampers Cruisers

S.S. asks from Minneapolis

I've been a Pampers Cruisers Mom since 2003. But I was disgusted to see that Pampers totally changed the design of this diaper. I opened my new "club pack" from Targe...


Pampers Cruisers Vs. Baby Dry-- Huggies Supreme Vs. Regular

L.O. asks from Detroit

I am wondering.. are the "premium" diapers worth the expense?? Are the pampers cruiser better than the baby dry?? and are the huggies supreme better than the regulare...


.Used Pampers Dry Max for the First Time - Now My Son's Groin Area Is Bleeding!!

X.O. asks from Chicago

Should I return them to Target, or deal with Pampers themselves? I am SOOO angry right now, as I had the first Dry Max diaper on my baby from about 1pm-3pm, and now ...


Trying to Get Both My Kids Out Pampers

J.B. asks from Boston

My son will be 4 yrs old and my daughter is going to be 3 yrs old and im having another baby in Aug. Both of my kids know how to use the bathroom or everything. but w...


Seeking Moms Who've Experienced a Rash on Their Baby When Using Pampers Diapers

L.F. asks from Sioux Falls

I have a 13 month old and I recently switched him to pampers diapers because they were more cost effective than the previous brand I was using but have noticed that h...


Pampers Diaper Exploded!

S.A. asks from Santa Barbara

When I changed my sons diaper this morning after him wearing it for 10 hrs overnight, I found that it had exploded ALL over him. All those gel crystals everywhere--y...


What's Everyone Doing to save Money

W.W. asks from San Francisco

I'm wondering what everyone's doing to save money. Tips on going grocery shopping, what are you cutting back on. I want to see if how else I would be able to save m...