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Double Jogging Stroller

C.P. asks from New York

I will have a 22 month and a newborn and am looking for a double jogger that gives a smooth ride and folds easily. (I know I can't use it right away, but 3 months co...


Best Double Jogging Stroller for Tall Toddler

B.E. asks from Jacksonville

I have been researching double jogging strollers and could use some help from someone who actually owns one of these. I would love a BOB but have not been able to fin...


Stroller for 3 Yo and 20 Mo Old?

N.P. asks from San Francisco

Hello! I would like to start working out again and am pondering purchasing a jogging stoller. The thing is my girls are 3 years old and 20 mos. The 3 YO prefers to...


Jogging Stroller Advice?

K.P. asks from Milwaukee

Hi ladies. Looking for a good jogging stroller for my wife and expecting child in march. Does anybody have any good recommendations? She runs everyday but is not supe...


Double Jogging Stroller Recommendations

D.O. asks from Minneapolis

Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for a double jogging stroller for my 2 year old son - 28 lbs and his almost 4 month old brother - 16+ lbs. Thank you!


Best Jogging Stroller?

C.S. asks from Miami

I want to start jogging with my 1-year-old and need a jogging stroller. I cannot afford a BOB but looking for a good one reasonably priced for under $250. Any suggest...


Best Travel System?

A.U. asks from Detroit

I am expecting my 3rd baby girl in October and am in search of a new travel system. I used the same one for my 6 yr old and 19 month old, but the car seat is now exp...


Double Jogging Stroller

K.B. asks from Chicago

Hi I have been researching double jogging strollers and I have no idea which one to purchase. I like the baby trend double w/swivel wheel and aslo the Dreamer Design...


Wanted - Baby Running Stroller

J.A. asks from Great Falls

My sister is having a baby in a couple months and my family would like to go in together and get her a running stroller. Any suggestions on the best one to get?


Double Stroller Reviews

E.M. asks from Detroit

Ladies, I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and have a 2.5 yr old. I am looking into a double stroller and would like to hear what ones you recommend and why. Thanks!