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Elmo Addict???

J.C. asks from Hartford

Is anyone elses child an Elmo nut?? It has come to the point where i am very concerned about my 13 month old. He refuses to do anything unless he sees Elmo. The worst...


Elmo for Birthday Party

C.A. asks from Dallas

does anyone have tips on finding an elmo costume to rent for a baby party, or how to hire an person to dress and act as elmo? thanks, C.


Elmo Obsessed Baby!

K.C. asks from Detroit

My 17 month old is absolutely obsessed with Elmo and wakes up in the morning calling HIS name and not mine! ; ) We currently have Elmo in Grouchland which she loves...


Taking a 2 Year Old to an Elmo Show?

R.D. asks from Wichita

Hey moms! I just found out that Elmo's Healthy Heros will be in our town a week after my daughter turns two. She is the biggest Elmo fan....has always liked Elmo, but...


Seeking Elmo for Birthday Party in Frisco

J.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas, I am looking for a service to provide an Elmo for my son's birthday party next month at our home in Frisco. I have no idea where to look. I would like a pe...


Help! Need Hello Kitty & Elmo Cake! ;(

T.B. asks from Dallas

Greetings Moms, My favorite cake lady has retired from making cakes and I need a Round Two layer Hello Kitty Cake & also a small Elmo cake for my 2 & 5 year old b-...


14 Months Old Enough to See an Elmo Show Live?

A.M. asks from Oklahoma City

My son is 11.5 months old. I would love to buy tickets to the Elmo 1-2-3 Imagine Show playing live at the Cox Convention Center this March (OKC). He will be 14 mont...


Sesame Street Live: Elmo Grows up - Any One Attended? Experience?

L.L. asks from Boston

This show is coming to BU's arena in late April and wanted to get feedback on what the show is like. How old were the children who attended? Is it a long period of ...


Health Insurance and the Right to Have Kids

S.S. asks from Cincinnati

ok so I found I was pregnant with my second child a couple days ago. Things are tight finacially but we will be able to provide for this child once its born, I have n...