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Cloth Training Pants or Straight to Underwear?

A.E. asks from Minneapolis

I have found pul ups to be completely worthless. I've been thinking about trying some cloth training pants. I'm hoping they can feel the wetness but it won't result...


Cloth Diapering

B.D. asks from Kansas City

I'm 20 weeks pregnant, and I'm curious to know the experiences other moms have had with cloth diapering. I can definitely see the benefit, but I honestly don't know ...



H.R. asks from Huntington

I was wondering if anybody has tried the new diapers? They are called gdiapers at They are envionmentally safe and flushable. I was wondering how wel...


Disposible to Cloth Diapers

K.C. asks from Sacramento

My son in 4 months old and I am wanting to switch from disposible to cloth diapers. For a few reasons, budget is getting tight, healthier on the environment, and I am...


Cloth Diapers Convenience and Cost Effectiveness

J.E. asks from Rockford

I'm having my first baby in September and am trying to determine whether or not to use cloth diapers. I've heard they're a money saver, but also that they're inconven...


Interested in Using Cloth Diapers

J.S. asks from Seattle

This time around I am considering cloth diapers. I would welcome any advice seeing how this is completely foreign to me. I especially want to know if I will really ...


Considering Switching to Cloth Diapers for My 19Mnth Daughter

J.B. asks from Rochester

I have been doing a little research lately on cloth diapers and was thinking of switching to cloth for my 19 mnth daughter. She is showing NO signs of being ready to ...


Cloth Diapers

K.E. asks from Detroit

This question is for all the moms that use cloth diapers. I am pregnant with my third child and trying to cut corners. My second child I made baby food which I beli...


Cloth Diapering

D.F. asks from Raleigh

I have a four-month-old daughter, and I am thinking about cloth diapering. My four-year-old son only wore disposable diapers, so this is all new to me. Though cloth i...


Info on Cloth Diapers

S.P. asks from Austin i'm thinking about cloth diapers to save money and the environment. i don't know which are the best to use. there are so many options. i have a 2 year ol...