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Opinions Needed: Cosco Car Seats

L.F. asks from Dallas

I bought a Cosco car seat today for my one year old. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with this product?


Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat, Need Help!

L.L. asks from Orlando

I am looking to buy a second car seat for my 14 month old. It will be used as a spare and in his Nana's car, so not his main car seat. Has anyone used the Cosco Sce...


Car Seats - Graco SportsComfort Vs. Cosco Scenera

K.M. asks from Chicago

Hi all - I am hoping that your good advice will help me make an educated decision! We are leaving for vacation soon and need to buy a second car seat for the plane ri...


Cosco Stuffed Peppers

H.G. asks from Lancaster

Does anyone happen to have a package of Cosco stuffed peppers handy? I'm interested in getting a list of ingredients. I'll spare the details, but my DD ate one yest...


Trying to Find a SAFE but Inexpensive Car Seat - Is the Cosco Brand Any Good?

M.B. asks from Athens

I am trying to find a SAFE but inexpensive convertible car seat. Does anyone have or know if the Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat (in Katie) is any good? I found i...


Convertible Seats: Cosco Scenera Vs. Evenflo Chase

C.D. asks from San Francisco

I need to buy two carseats (for my 3 year old so that the britax marathon can be used by my 1 year old). I don't have the $ to buy two additional marathons so I am l...


Husband Lost Job - Need Money Saving Tips

M.S. asks from Dallas

My husband lost a very good job yesterday and it was a total shock. We have lived comfortably and we have some money in savings. We are already looking for ways to ...


Money a Huge Problem

M.P. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, well my husband and i make enough money monthly to cover our bills and more. But we are so terrible at budgeting that we just scape by at the end of the ...


Does Anyone Work from Home?

K.P. asks from Lewiston

I like my job and am fortunate enough to only have to work two days a week. Unfortunately those two days are 10 hours with a 45 min. commute each way. I would like ...


Best Convertible Car Seat

K.L. asks from Cleveland

Can anyone recommend a convertible carseat brand and model? I have the Graco SnugRide infant seat for up to 22 pounds, but am starting to plan for the next step. Co...