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Seeking the Cheapest Diapers in Metro Area

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

Hello Fellow Diaper Mommies, I used to buy my diapers at Babies R Us using a combo of an in store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Babies R Us then raised the co...


Breastpump Supplies

L.M. asks from Dayton

is there anyone that knows of a good place, online or otherwise, to find breastpump supplies for a medela pump in style? i was able to find most of what i need at tar...


Baby Video Monitor

A.H. asks from Dallas

Can any of you recommend a good quality baby video monitor? I have looked at the ones at Babies R Us but the two brands they carry received bad reviews. Anybody hav...


Crib Recall Frustration

A.W. asks from Detroit

Anybody else out there dealing with the Jardine crib recall situation (apparantly there are 320,000 of us dealing with it!)? What have you been told? I am getting e...


Crib Rail for Convertible Crib

L.H. asks from Detroit

I have a Jardine convertible crib we purchased from Babies R Us over 2 years ago and we just recently converted it into a toddler bed. Does anyone have a crib rail f...


Avent Bottles and BPA

S.H. asks from Dallas

I must be living under a rock...but I just discovered that my Avent bottles are part of the BPA controversy. My mom said she heard that Babies R Us would exchange th...


Best Travel/umbrella Stroller?

J.Y. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, I am going on a weekend trip with my baby who will be 7 mos. old when we go - I don't want to drag her VERY heavy Chicco travel system so can you recommend a...


Diaper Pads

S.C. asks from Atlanta

Does anyone know a place in town that sells disposable diaper pads? My son is 8 months old and keeps waking up with a soaked leaking diaper in the middle of the night...


Breast Pump

J.L. asks from Lexington

Happy Friday Ladies =o ) I am due in February and will be going to register in a few weeks, so I wondered if anyone had any suggestions on a good breast pump. If it...


Who Sells Diaper Cheaper

Y.A. asks from Atlanta

I thought I would just put this question out because I was just realizing how much I have spent on diapers and wanted to know where you have found diapers to be cheap...