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Money & Marriage

H.V. asks from Cleveland

How is Money handled in your marriage? Do you agree with the statement "I make the money, I make the rules" I'm just curious as to what goes on with money in other ...


G Diapers?

L.H. asks from Detroit

Anyone used g diapers from Babies R Us? Just saw them today and am interested in anyone's experience with them. Thanks.


Diapers On- Line

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

So I have many saved up gift cards to babies r us and toys are us. I was going to use them on diapers. But I don't know if babies r us is a good value for diapers. ...


Asking for Money

A.B. asks from San Francisco

Ok, so I need your thoughts on this one. We were invited to an acquaintance's daughter's birthday party. On the invitation, she asked that money be given instead of g...


Need a Christening Suit

S.L. asks from Washington DC

My son is getting baptized in a few weeks and I need a christening suit. Anyone know where I can find an inexpensive one or even second hand? They are $90 at babies...



C.T. asks from Detroit

Can anyone recommend some good childproofing locks for the drawers. I bought some from Babies R Us but they do not stay on the furniture. My kids are constantly pul...


Crib as Teether

M.H. asks from Dallas

My 8 month old has 8 teeth and has started using his crib rail as a teether. The rail is wider than the teething guard at Babies R Us. Any suggestions?


Crib Recommendations

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

My 4 month old is outgrowing his bassinet. I am looking for a good crib and need help in choosing one as I read about so many cribs being recalled. Cribs at babies ...


Bug Repellent for Babies.

T. asks from Birmingham

Does anyone know of a good bug repellent for babies? I have tried the wipes from babies r us, but they didnt work at all. I am a bit afraid to use the off brand spray...


Baby Bedding

N.P. asks from Mobile

I have been looking for baby bedding. I can't find any I absolutely love. I have stalked babies r us, nothing that I like. I don't want anything themed or babyish. I ...