My Breast Friend

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Friend Has Breast Cancer

R.P. asks from Salt Lake City

My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. She just found out it has come back. What can I do for her?


What to Do for a Friend with Breast Cancer?

M.D. asks from Portland

Unfortunately a family friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is having a mastectomy. Does anyone know someone who has gone through this? If so, what can ...


Best Friend Has Breast Cancer

M.S. asks from Wausau

My 42-year old best friend found out the day after Christmas she has breast cancer. She had the lumpectomy today. They found the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes....


What to Do for My Friend with Breast Cancer

M.W. asks from Boston

My friend, who is 38, has breast cancer. she had a double mastectomy a month ago & will start chemotherapy treatment in the early fall. She has 3 young children & a v...



K.R. asks from Sherman

**gross warning** i have not breast fed in 3 years, but i occasionally still get the feeling of a "let down" well today i decided to give it a squeeze our of curio...


My Friend Has Breast Cancer and I Am Thinking About Shaving My Head.

A.P. asks from Boise

My friend was diagnosed a couple of months ago and is currently going through chemotherapy. She is feeling good and her spirits are high, but of course she is losing ...


Help for Friend with Breast Cancer

Y.P. asks from San Francisco

A lady at my church has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has never been sick or in the hospital before. I know that everyone's diagnosis is different, bu...


Supporting a Friend with Breast Cancer

C.B. asks from Columbus

I just found out that one of my good friends has stage 3 breast cancer. I don't even know what to say to her, let alone know what I could do to help her through this...


Giving Breast Pump to a Friend, Problem?

J.B. asks from Houston

I have a friend who is 9 months pregnant and I told her she could have my breast pump. It is a Medela, inside a black bag, it is like 6 yrs old but I turned it on to...


Friend Having Difficulty Weening off Breast

D.K. asks from Chicago

My good Friend starts back at work next month and her daughter refuses to take a bottle, she has tried several bottles including bottles that are $13 and several diff...