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A Gift for Our Daughter That Is Not a Toy?

A.K. asks from Sacramento

I am so exhausted and tired raising my three daughters ages 4(will be in 2 weeks), 2 and 10 mo. I am so tired that can't even think properly. I am so glad I have you ...


My 3 Year Old Son Loves to Dress like a princess.......what Should I Do?

K.L. asks from Santa Barbara

For about 4 months my 3 year old son has been very attracted to the Disney princessess and any other princess-like characters. When he has the opportunity he likes t...


Toy Favorites for 2/3 Year Olds

A.L. asks from Minneapolis

My daughther is 27 months old--we haven't invested a ton of money into toys because she has been in daycare full-time. With a new baby in the house (8 weeks), we wou...


Gift Ideas for 3 Yr Old Girl

S.X. asks from Chicago

this is my 2nd child so we have all the puzzles, blocks, legos.... she is very girlie girl and i have a list (for her family) of things like princess crowns and such....


Birthday Present for 3 Year Old

R.K. asks from Boston

What do you get for a 3 year old girl who has everything? Every book. Every toy. I would like her to enjoy a new gift and I'm stumped.


Looking for Games to Play for My 3 y.o. Birthday Party

N.S. asks from New York

I am having a birthday party for my 3 year old daughter this weekend. We will be having about 8 children (boys & girls) in the 2 to 3 1/2 year range for a princess th...


Her Third Birthday

S.B. asks from Dallas

I feel like such a bad mom. My daughter turns three next week and I have no idea what to get her! I am at a loss. She loves Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake and her pr...


What Are Your 2-3 Year Old Favorite Toys?

Y.C. asks from New York

We haven't buy any new toys in a while, we just keep rotating the once she had, but I think we finally took as much life possible for these toys. I went to ToysRus an...


Anyone Making Their Halloween Costumes?

L.L. asks from Topeka

I have wanted to make Halloween costumes but for the girls they are so easy to become a Princess,or a Butterfly fairy,witch my son has had 1 homemade costume that his...


What to Buy 3 Year Old Granddaughter for Birthday

R.R. asks from Dallas

Tomorrow is my granddaughter's 3rd birthday! She is my son's daughter from a brief fling, and the mom doesn't allow my son to see her unless he brings $$ with him f...